TDM and VoIP Interconnection Services
Interconnection to Kortel is possible via traditional, TDM derived, E1 or via VoIP packet interfaces, supported protocols are Q.931, H.323 and SIP. Kortel adds value to the provision of telecoms by providing web based solutions which speed up provisioning, provide highly accurate and up-to date billing data, and minimise the overhead required by our customers to provide a very high quality service backed up by SLA's.

Supports H323/SIP with full conversion between the two protocols
Supports T120/T.38 fax transmission standards
Complete web based interface allowing full control of all routing, and management of services
Fully compatiable with gatekeepers such as Mera, Sysmaster, and with softwitches like Nextone. Fully compliant with Cisco, Quintum, Neura and all H323 systems

Kortel's focus on quality extends beyond excellence in network operations and call quality, encompassing the entire client/partner experience and operated with the client in mind. Kortel's focus on a low cost high value network offers open, competitively priced inbound and indirect access services with additional benefits of fixed, mobile and international termination, enabling partners to compete effectively in highly price sensitive markets, with a network partner whose long term future is secure and highly sustainable.

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