Kortel has a physical presence in Los Angeles, CA USA and prefers connectivity via VoIP packet interfaces with either H.323 or SIP. This reach minimises, or can even eliminate, the local access circuit cost which all too often becomes the highest cost item. Priding itself on the high quality of customer support available to Wholesale and retail PC to Phone clients, Kortel has dedicated teams working constantly monitoring network performance, call quality and operations.

Offering a wide range of services to telecommunications operators worldwide, Kortel has a well developed support and services infrastructure, valued amongst its client base for its timely and accurate reporting and fault procedures. The Kortel transmission and switching nodes are all industry standard and robust and are fully supported by the suppliers.

Features and Benefits of Kortel include:
Extensive International Routes & Connectivity
Low cost base ensures highly competitive wholesale rates
High quality of service
Dedication to customer satisfaction and service
Billing capabilities available to enable rapid deployment of services
Fast and efficient capacity increases as required

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